Listen: “Child’s Place”
The new single from Erosika’s forthcoming LP.

Who is Erosika? 

Erosika is the audio and visual music project of Eri, electronic musician and vocalist from Rockaway Beach, NYC. With a musical medium that is electronic and sublime, she weaves transhumanist themes of imagined futures into hypertextural avant-pop anthems, all the while glissing in and out of ambience. 


Eri was first exposed to electronic music and experimental sound when she moved to the city to study at Columbia University. Here she began to visit the Dream House⏤ La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela’s permenant sound installation, located in downtown Manhattan. Before long, she became their assistant and was later asked to become their disciple.

Other highlights of her experience at this time include studying ‘Functional and Intuitive Art’ with the late Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, wherein they deemed her ‘a strange one.’ She also has fond memories of stumbling in late to her ‘Sorcery and Magic’ class on the afternoons proceeding her weekly, all-night experimental FM radio show, Transfigured Night.


In the summer of 2020, MGMT’s Andrew Vanwyngarden approached Erosika to remix a track off of his debut solo electronic EP, Fanta Se, under his moniker Gentle Dom. Released onto vinyl via MGMT Records, “UR High (Erosika Remix)” was the closing track of the EP. At the core, it features a reversed droning waveform from Andrew’s “You’re High.” The tracks seamlessly fade one into the other with the help of mastering engineer Dave Fridmann. The remix exhibits Erosika’s deep sensitivities to production dynamics and musical composition.

Erosika debuted her live show in the summer of 2021, giving two performances in Rockaway Beach, one serving as the prelude to an official screening of Sisters With Transistors, narrated by Laurie Anderson. At the core of her live machinery is a pair of Elektron Octatracks fed through a rotary mixer. She also incorporates live visuals she composes using programmed CGI. This makes for a deeply immersive audio/visual experience, inviting the audience to explore her sensuously uncanny aesthetic.

Her Debut LP

Currently, Erosika is in the final production stages of her album. The album contains an array of songs, ranging from tradtionally structured art-pop numbers to long, droning repititions of electronic melodies.

If you have interest in representing Erosika please get in touch! All inquiries can be forwarded directly to ︎ Eri and/or her manager Scorpia ︎.



Outside of music, Eri’s interests include surfing, playing video games, and exploring the ethereal realms of outer and inner space through dreams.